The Ultimate Showdown of Smart Trackers: Nut, Tile, and TrackR February 25, 2018 19:27

Did you know? The average American spends 6 mins every morning looking for their keys. Adulting is hard, and a main part of adulting is keeping track of where things are. With so many smart trackers out in the market right now, the prominent ones being Tile, Nut, and TrackR, which one proves to be the most helpful in keeping track of your things?


Both three smart trackers connect through bluetooth, and have all the basic functions — by connecting the trackers to your phone, and attaching them to your things, you can locate your lost items with the click of a button in the respective apps. Similarly, you can use all three trackers to locate your phone if you lost it. By pressing the buttons on the trackers, your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent mode, for you to locate it.

These three different brands of smart trackers, however, differ in their alert volumes. Many users have complained that TrackR ringers are too faint for them to hear, especially when there is any slight background noise. TrackR, however, have built-in LED lights that flashes as it rings. (Though lights might not be of much use if your lost keys are buried under things.) Nut trackers have the loudest ring among the three, enabling its users to follow the beeping to locate their lost item quicker.

These three different brands of smart trackers also have slightly different bluetooth connectivity ranges. Among these three trackers, Tile wins the race with a connectivity range of 200 ft. Nut comes a close second, covering 150 ft. TrackR comes last, covering only 100 ft.

​Location function:

Nut, Tile, and TrackR all have a “last seen at” function. If you lost your phone and is already 200 ft away, you can use the app to find out where your tracker is last connected to your phone on the map. All three trackers also have a Crowd GPS function, which means if any other users who are also using the same tracking app as you walk past your lost item, their phone will automatically ping you the location of your lost item once you declared it lost.


If saving a couple extra dollars is your thing, Nut Find Smart Trackers sell for only $19.99 each, and is the cheapest options among the three. Tile Trackers come at a close second, selling for $25 each. The most expensive smart tracker in the market is TrackR’s Bravo, which costs $29.99. Though TrackR Bravo trackers are made with brushed aluminum, which justifies the price a little more. But if you just want a tracker that does its job as is, Nut Find Smart Trackers guarantees a job well done. It also comes in a sleek wave design on their bodies, and is offered in 4 different colors.

Battery Life:

All three trackers’ battery lives last about a year before you have to change batteries. Nut and TrackR uses coin-cell batteries, and can be changed by the user easily. Both companies will send you alerts when the battery is almost out, letting you know that it is about time to give your trackers a little refresh.

Tile has a reTile battery program. Essentially, when it’s about time you need a new battery, they will send you an email with a discount code where you can order a new batch. The new order will come with a prepaid envelope which you can use to return your old ones for them to recycle.

If you’d like to be environmentally conscious, Tile will be the better option. But if you’d like to save all the fuss of mailing and reordering back and forth (because we are all already so busy with adulting), Nut Trackers are your the way to go!

An Extra Step of Prevention:

Among these three trackers, only Nut trackers will ring and send you audio notifications if you’ve left something behind. That means that Nut trackers will take the extra (and much needed) step to notify you that you’ve left your keys, or wallet, or whatever you’ve attached the tracker on behind before you actually lose them. How thoughtful! Don’t worry. You can set a silent zone and range in your app so that your Nut Smart Tracker will not beep constantly when you leave your tablet in the kitchen to go into the bathroom.


After weighing all the different elements of these three main smart trackers on the market, we came to a conclusion that…

Nut proves to be better among the three, not only with its price, but also with its overall usage and volume, it’s no-fuss battery-change process, and most importantly, for the fact that it reminds users that they are leaving something behind, before users can have the chance to lose their thing.

Do you agree with us? Nut, Tile, and TrackR, which one would you prefer? Leave us a comment down below!