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GPS tracker Nutale

Meet the world’s smallest & lightest live GPS Tracker

Meet Nutale, your intelligent personal GPS tracker. 

Small and powerful, Nutale is a user-friendly and simple solution for real-time positioning so you can keep track of your kids, pets, bikes, luggage – or anything that moves.

Set a safety region on your app to enable geo-fence alerts, access up to 4 weeks of historical footprints, emergency SOS button and up to 30 days rechargeable battery life.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Indoor and outdoor tracking with unlimited range. Nutale incorporates 4 layers of tracking technology for maximum accuracy.

Safety Region

Set safety regions on your app to enable geo-fence alerts. Receive breach alerts when your things or loved ones leave or entre set zone.

Location Records

Retrace your steps with 28 days of location footprints

Emergency SOS

Hold the button on your Nutale for 5 seconds to trigger an SOS alert. Connected accounts will receive immediate notification.

Ultra-long Battery life

With various operation modes available, optimise the unit for your requirement. Achieve up to 30 days of battery. Receive alerts when battery needs charging.

Group Sharing

Allow others to view the Nutale's location 

Real-time GPS location for anything that moves

Check the real time locations of your parents, kids and pets who are carrying Nutale GPS trackers. Find your family members, friends and belongings more efficiently.


Prevent accidents with custom safety zones and geo-fence alerts

Use Zone Alerts to set up virtual fences and receive breach alerts when your things or loved ones are outside of the zone. With Multiple Safe Zones you can create as many virtual fences as you need to, so your possessions are safe in more than one place.

Historical Location Records

View 24 hours of location history in the app anytime so you always have a track record or check the Nutale GPS complete location records showing the last 28 days in your NutTag app.